Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Voyager 17 machine for sale

I’ve decided to sell my Voyager17 machine and get something else.
It has served we well for 6yrs or so.
It has a SLR which was $700 extra
It comes with the SLR (Stitch Length Regulator)
a light, the wooden board with wheels and an extension table my husband made to fit the front for ruler work.
Of course any cords etc. that goes with it too.
I’m asking $1500 plus shipping or local pickup
The reason I’m selling it, is that I want a better Stitch regulator and a bit more space.
The one here is fine and I’m 99% happy with it and have tweaked it to run the best it can I think, it’s great as a hobby but I want to step up my machine and try more ruler work and more dense designs etc.
I don’t HAVE to sell it, but have my eye out for something else Winking smile
You’d need your own frame for this!
My frame is by hinterberg and is their high end Summit frame but it is often paired with their stretch frame or a GRACE frame.
Free shipping in the US!! please email me if interested.

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