Monday, January 30, 2017

QUBE Sampler QAL Block 3

it's time for block #3
It's not hard, just a lot of pieces and you have to watch for the bulk in the middle :)
You'll need two colors plus white
Then QUBE shape #2, #4 and #5
In white I cut out 8 of shape #5
Then with one color (blue in this sample) I cut a 5 1/2" WOF strip from a FQ and cut out 4 of shape #2 (one layer) and then 4 of shape #5
with color two (grey) I cut out a 5 3/4" WOF strip and cut out 4 of shape #4 (one layer) and 4 of shape #5
QUBE Sampler QAL 2017 Block3
When making a block I try to sew as much together as I can before getting up to iron.
Here I sewed the whites to the edges of large triangles and then 4 sets of small HSTs in the two colors
Iron toward dark on the HST blocks and toward white on the flying geese blocks
QUBE Sampler QAL 2017 Block3
When working on the center of the block, I had the stripes on the grey go in the same direction AND the seams are ironed OPEN from now on.
QUBE Sampler QAL 2017 Block3
Here's the finished block. Again I paid attention to the direction of the stripes and had them all going in the same direction.
QUBE Sampler QAL 2017 Block3
That's it! block #3 is done.
Here's my 12" batik version
qube qal block3b

Last week I got several no-reply comments about printing the directions and I think one way of doing it, is to copy a picture of the block, either the real picture or a sketch from EQ and then copy it into word, you can then print it or keep it and add notes which dies are used where, if that is too hard I'll think of something else :)

how far have you gotten on your blocks?
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Susan Schweinsburg said...

Trying to leave a comment but this isn't easy. I have finished up to block 3. Can't figure out how to post a picture either.