Monday, January 23, 2017

QUBE Sampler QAL Block 2


There’s been a little shift in this QUBE QAL, it’s still sponsored by Accuquilt- after all it’s using their QUBE sets!! Winking smile

From now on, I’ll show the blocks here on my blog, it really is a lot easier for me this way, hope you don’t mind…..

Here’s block #2

QUBE Sampler QAL 2017 Block 2

This one only needs two shapes!

#5 and #7

I picked two other fabrics and solid white and cut out 8 of #5 in the two colors each (I picked a pale grey and a blue and white print)

(I have marked on my dies how wide to cut the fabrics to fit on the die, shape #5 is 3 3/4", and then I start with the largest die and cut out what I need and then use the leftovers for the smaller dies.)

QUBE Sampler QAL 2017 Block 2

Then I cut out 4 each of ONE of the colors and white of shape #7 (you want to fold the fabric so you get two sets of opposite shapes)

QUBE Sampler QAL 2017 Block 2

Then I sewed sets together (2 of each in opposite directions and different color combinations

QUBE Sampler QAL 2017 Block 2

and then sewed them together into blocks (2 of each)

QUBE Sampler QAL 2017 Block 2

now comes the fun part! figuring out how you want the arrows to turn!

QUBE Sampler QAL 2017 Block 2

QUBE Sampler QAL 2017 Block 2

QUBE Sampler QAL 2017 Block 2

This is the way I picked (which matches the EQ sketch above) but you can do it any way you want :)

QUBE Sampler QAL 2017 Block 2

that's it! block #2 is done

and here's my 12" batik version

qube qal 2017 block2b

You can link up below with either last week’s blog or this week’s block


Deborah Woolley said...

I am printing your blocks on the accuquilt cube quilt along each week. Is there a way to print them with out getting all the ads that appear on your blog?

lofquil43 said...

I am not sure how to sign up for the QAL and I would like to print the blocks without the ads too.

Alice said...

I've been wondering what's going on with this QA. So glad to finally be able to get started! I have the dies before the QUBE, is there a way to give dimensions so I know which die to use?? I'd also like to print out in PDF without the ads as well.

Artist said...

It says "click here to enter." It doesn't say what one is entering. What?