Thursday, January 12, 2017

Owls are a hoot

I finished these owl potholders after I did my 2017 UFO list and just did a plain black backing
I just did a button hole stitch in black on everything Smile
Now another owl thing I was working on was this little owl pincushion I got from emblibrary here
Love the detail on it!
Then I just HAD to make a bigger one!
Mommy and baby Winking smile
PLUS before School let out my daughter joined a secret santa group but it kind of got all messed up and anyways, she got a present the last day of school and then more later, it was a mess!!
anyways, I decided to make two owl bags for those two girls too (one was a JUST gift to my daughter, not the secret group thing)
The blue one I had to make TWICE!! as I made the owl purse, but half way thru it, you are supposed to open the zipper half way and continue, I forgot that part so when it was all done and I un- hooped it and trimmed it I saw this!! UGH…. totally can’t fix that!
the girls loved their bags
Last week I got some goodies in the mail from Accuquilt!
The alphabet set (these letters are BIG!)
a scallop border and hearts!
I’ve already used the letters and hearts for a Valentine’s project for Accuquilt’s blog…
I’ve also been sorting my fabrics and now have a designated shelf for FQ bundles and Swiffer thinks that’s just a GREAT spot to nap!
I took this picture of Sonja napping the other day too, her and Solveig have actually been sick for a week last week!


tubakk said...

So sweet owls. I have to try those pot holders. Have a nice weekend.

D Esquivel said...

Owls! They are so cute. So happy they haven't gone by the wayside as only a trend!