Sunday, January 8, 2017

NC snow

AT the end of this week we got the forecast of SNOW!

The kids got early release at 1.30 on Friday and I heard the stores were out of bread and milk.


Not much came Friday night (they did say it would be more after midnight into Saturday) we got sleet of frozen rain Friday but that was it.

The forecast was anywhere from 5-8” to a foot of snow!


we filled up the bathtub with water, so if we lose power we can dump water in the toilet and flush it, hubby got a little lamp for the pump to the well, so as long as we didn’t lose power we’d be set!

This is what we woke up to on Saturday morning!

About 1”- totally felt cheated!!!

(But just a bit north of us they got a lot of snow)


By late morning we bundled up and braved outside, I just layered Anja as none of us have snowpants


We did go sledding down the driveway later, as there’s at least 1/2” of ice underneath, so no one is going anywhere.

Church is cancelled today and I doubt the kids will have school tomorrow just because of the temperature, maybe not even Tuesday, they don’t want ANY ice left on any back country roads to make it hard on the school busses, so now the guess is if they’ll have school at all on Tuesday or a late start, I think they only do a late start if it’s just 2 hrs but it’s not going to thaw until afternoon time, so my guess is two days off!

And Solveig made it back to school last Tuesday then got a fever in the afternoon and has been home sick all week, she’s anxious to go back!


Calicojoan said...

You can always come here...We got about a foot and it's colder than...well you know!

Shasta Matova said...

I am glad you got a chance to enjoy some snow and some days off. Snow days are precious!

Mary Howland said...

What a treat! I lived in upstate NY for many years and we had to fet at least a foot before school would be cancelled. I was there over Christmas and enjoyed two separate snowfalls of 6" each. It was just enough fo make everything pretty.

Teresa in Music City said...

My little grandson in Monroe was sorely disappointed too! I well remember when we lived in NC how we were constantly disappointed when the news would call for a "big snow" and we'd get very little. So glad you got some at least so the kids could enjoy it!