Tuesday, January 17, 2017

EQ7 Tutorial Tuesday- Log Cabins with the GO!


This is all for you CARLA!!

-Carla requested ideas for the Accuquilt GO! Log Cabin and I’ve made one quilt and one quilt top (RSC16)-yet to be quilted.

The Log Cabin die by Accuquilt is a fun die, at first I thought I could easily cut a bunch of strips 1 1/2” wide and then whatever widths, but with this die, it’s super fast and easy and ACCURATE!! I’ve made log cabins before and always at the end after several strips I end up having to trim the ends, either because I cut wrong or something else happened (like the seam allowance being off!?) Not with Accuquilt!!‘

Let me first show you a quilt I made a few years ago from FQs.

It was an experiment to see how wide I could cut the strips from a FQ and on the die, there’s a separation after 8”

GO! Log Cabin-12" Finshed by Leslie Main (55349)

But that’s really 8 1/2” and then below it is 1 1/2”…so that’s 10”

anyways, it’s a nice place to stop for a FQ.

So this is what I designed in EQ7

-When you search for log cabin in EQ you come up with this


It’s not that many completed Log Cabin blocks, there’s the top left with a red center and then a block with court house steps (I think that’s what it’s called)

I knew that the finished block size would be 8” because of the die and using a FQ so that’s where I started

I designed it easily as a block, starting at the left and made a 1” “log” and then continued counter clockwise around to the center.


Then colored it


Looking at the die again the width of 4 strip sections would be 6” (plus a little for cutting) with a FQ, mine were a bit longer than 20” so I could get 2 in the height and then 2 width wise. so that’s 4 half log cabins plus white.

I don’t remember now how many FQs I had one hand but I must have used 9 because I made a 6 x 6 layout


I filled it with log cabins and colored them in


here’s the post about the quilt I made

2014-08-17 014

here’s other ideas





and here’s my RSC16 sketch for the log cabin blocks I made last year


I haven’t quilted it yet and kept the top secret it looks like- for now Winking smile

Log Cabin blocks are just so much fun and a snap to cut out with the Accuquilt die!


Nancy said...

I have had a fondness for log cabins since the 1980s. I haven't made many for the reasons you touched on in your first few sentences. I have loads of fat quarters and never thought of getting this die. I will have to see if it works in the GO! The numerous layouts is what I like. Forgot the designer those many years ago, but she said any quilt that uses a half-square triangle block, can be made with a log cabin block.

Carla said...

Thanks so much! With this tutorial and the tutorial you did in August 2014 that I found, I'm ready to find fabric in my stash to start laying on the accuquilt die. I'll let you know how it turns out. Might take me a while but I will succeed. LOL