Saturday, January 7, 2017

2017 project list week 1

It’s time to start a new project list!!
After seeing Connie take pictures of her UFOs I decided to do it too, it sure is inspiring to look at everything again.
I might revise the list next week as I don’t think KITS should be on the list unless I already started them
#1 (2012) giraffe wall hanging –started stitching down more
I decided back then to needle turn this and that wasn’t a good idea, it’s taking forever!!
#2 (2012) fall leaf blocks swap- ready to quilt
I had been saving this for when I get an upgrade for my long arm or when I just plainly got better, it’s been hanging there for 4 years!! time to actually finish it!!
#3 (2012) hexies- 43 flowers
I need to just stitch a plan out in EQ7 and finish this too, I think because the flowers go down at an angle it’s been messing me up.
#4 GONE (2013)- roman holiday kit 
This needs to be removed from the list
new #4 then in it’s place
I found two owl potholders prepped and ready, but ONE backing is missing, I’ll just add plain black instead and use the leftover back piece for the hanging tags!
#5 (Sept 2013) farm animal panel –
need to make into a pillow or something
#6(Oct 2013) 12 days of Christmas embroidered blocks -
I made these when I got my embroidery machine and was still learning about stabilizers etc and I remember I was out of black, so those spots are grey and I see the blocks are different sizes! I need to see if I can make them all the same or not.
#7 (2012?) Hidden forest Quilt- working on blocks
another needle turn project, missing some black dots in the eyes, otherwise I need to do something with the blocks so far and cut my losses on this.
#8 (2013?) Peanut pics on fabric – no plan yet
since Peanut has been gone for over a year, I SHOULD do something with these too, I notice now that I didn’t leave 1/2” between the pictures. hmmm
#9 (Oct 2015) Women of the bible#3 – 25 done
The bible study has kind of stopped, but I can easily pick up and continue the blocks!
ALL THESE part of the RSC16 you’ve seen recently.
#10 (Jan 2016) RSC16- 12” Appliqued School house blocks – top done
#11 (Jan 2016) RSC16- 12” Ohio Star blocks –top done
#12 (Jan 2016) RSC16- 12” Log Cabin blocks(2)- top done
#13 (Jan 2016) RSC16- 12” Hunter Star blocks- yellow done
#14 (Jan 2016) RSC16- 12” Snail Trail/ monkey wrench blocks- top done
#15 (Jan 2016) RSC16- 6” flying geese blocks- top done
#16 (Jan 2016) Quilt art mystery BOM- May printed
for the first time I noticed the first two blocks are smaller than the other two…
#17 (April 2016) OWL rsc16 blocks-12done
#18 (April 2016) Sunbonnet Sue embroidered blocks RSC16- 4 done
#19 (April 2016) fleur de lis rsc16 blocks –top done
#20 (Aug 2016) Mini Ohio Star RSC16- working on red blocks
#21 (Aug 2016) Road Home RAL- row done
Maybe I should make it into a wall hanging for my room?
#22 (Nov 2016) Mermaid Hexagon quilt- many hexies done
#23 (Dec 2016) Accuquilt QUBE sampler QAL 10 blocks done
#24 (Dec)TT underwater quilt – fabrics here
#25 (Dec 2016) IB blog hop quilt for Jan- top done
As I was emptying bins I found a few more things
this was supposed to be part of a backing, but if I trim the right side to match the left I think it will be a cute table topper!?
maybe that’s #26?
Birthday pillow kit
Ha, already at 25 projects carried over from 2016 and earlier…
Oh well, that’s life, keeps me motivated!! Winking smile
8 of these are tops that needs to be quilted, so that’s quick enough.


Carol S. said...

What a great bunch of UFO's! I have some of that Roman Holiday fabric and I made the birthday pillow. It scares me to think of how many UFO's I have, but it inspires me to see you posting yours.

dq said...

You have so many beautiful projects to finish! Why is it so exciting to start new projects instead of finish the old? We all do it though.

I am amazed at home many needle turn and hand embroidery projects you have. I like to keep hand work around for trips in the car, wrestling tournaments, or visits back home where I can sit and visit and still get those applique' projects done!

Keep plugging away. I am going to.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Lots of lovely projects. I love the giraffe.

Shasta Matova said...

All sorts of different projects with different techniques. I wish you well on your goals. I enjoyed seeing the pictures with the list.

Tami C said...

I really enjoyed seeing your UFO's and can't imagine how many I have. That giraffe of yours is just adorable! I have a niece that is just nuts over giraffes. Your owl potholders make me want to get creative with my next one!