Thursday, December 15, 2016

who wants to join another round of pincushions?

December is half way over and that means I’ll soon start another round of the pincushion swap!

Here’s a few from this last round.


Each round is 3 months long and that means you make 3 pincushions!

-and receive 3 pincushions.

I assign who you send to and receive from for each month and you just have to make and send one pincushion before the end of the month

It’s SEW much fun to get a squishy package in the mail each month!

Who wants to join???

-make sure you are REPLY commenter or at least add your email address in the comment, as I know of someone who tries to join each month but is a no-reply commenter!


Ariane said...

I would love to join in!

tubakk said...

I'll never quit this pincushion swap. I've already spread my pincushions to half of the world. Now I'm taking the other half.

Linda B in MI said...

Sounds like a lot a fun. Count me in.
Linda B in TX