Friday, December 16, 2016

Tis the season for Giving

Tis' the Season for Giving

I’ve been an Island Batik ambassador since March of 2014, that’s almost 3 years! It’s been SEW much fun!

Getting new fabrics, playing with the fabrics and creating something fun, writing patterns/ blog posts about the projects and then I often gave the things away!

(I don’t want this post to be a “look at me- I’m so great”) but more to encourage you or anyone to make things to give away.

I feel like God gave me this gift of being creative and I found my niche in quilting. I’m fortunate enough to stay at home and often sew/quilt most of the day! I’m surely NOT in it for the money, I only make a little bit here and there with pattern sales and being published once in a while, but it just warms my heart when I can give away a quilt to someone in need or for a special occasion, to be a BLESSING to someone else, and Island Batik has helped me with free fabrics (I know my husband is grateful that the fabric expenses has gone down!- or have they?? well I’d like to think they have)

So below, I’ll show quilts and things I’ve made over the last 3 years with Island Batik fabrics and if I remember who I gave them to I’ll write that too.


my first quilt with Island batik batiks was for our Singaporean friend Gwen who studied at UNC for 4 years and went to church with us every Sunday during that time. At her graduation party, every guest signed the quilt with fabric markers or wrote a bible verse or something encouraging!

I used accuquilt dies for this too.


This is another quilt I made using a snowball die by accuquilt. I don’t remember who I gave this to.


This is a mini quilt I made using scraps and I actually have this for Anja’s car seat


I often use scraps for pincushions too and have hosted a pincushion swap for several years now


This quilt is English paper pieced, so it took a while to finish.

I gave it away recently, I “think” it went to our church’s “mission” team who went to Baton Rouge LA after the hurricane.


This quilt was part of an Island Batik blog hop where I used the hunter star die from accuquilt.


here’s a jacket I made originally for myself, but I didn’t totally love it, so I sent it to my mom in Denmark- mom’s love everything we make right!?


Here I participated in a book blog hop as a fellow ambassador just published a mini quilt book.

I do think I still have this.

2015-05-01 001

This was a quilt I made to be published in fons and porter.

I think our church got this one, it’s a big quilt, but the fabrics were given to me for the magazine quilt plus I got paid for publishing it the magazine, so of course it was no big deal to give this one away Smile

2015-07-05 005

another quilt that was published was this “starry night” one in quilter’s newsletter. Again easy come, easy go… not sure who I gave it to

2015-07-14 001

Cat & Owl_IMG_0227.jpg

and more pincushions I gave away for my swap


I also made pot holders and gave them away (actually at my own baby shower)


This airplane quilt I just gave away last month at a baby shower- our pastor’s son and daughter in law are expecting their first baby- a boy

I like having a few baby quilts ready on the shelf, so when I get an invite I don’t have to rush and make something, here I knew right away that this was perfect Smile


I made this for Accuquilt’s blog using their new QUBE sets- now I’m an “ambassador” for them too and have promoted their dies for a long time too. I can’t remember where this one went, but think it went to my quilt guild.



This was a dress in RAYON from Island Batik that I made for Sonja, so giving away within the family Winking smile


here’s another quilt that promotes a new book that was written by a fellow ambassador, I’m pretty sure I gave this to my guild as it seems more adult and they give to hospice, nursing homes, veterans and hospitals etc.


I made this sampler quilt for Accuquilt’s blog and gave it to another friend thru church for her baby shower and she occasionally sends me pictures or videos of her baby girl rolling around on it. (She actually told me she liked orange, pink and teal and I had already made this!!)


Here’s a blazing star quilt I made and gave away to my guild too


here’s a jelly roll quilt that is ready to be given away!


here’s a batik purse I made and it’s all mine Winking smile

I use it every day!


My husband has mentioned that we gave away quilts to other missionaries and to NC storm victims, a local pregnancy center and there might be more.

I don’t give away because I want people to see HOW charitable I am, I actually prefer to be anonymous but I do label my quilts with my name and date. I just LOVE making quilts! and when my shelves overflow or there’s a need I am happy to give some away!

Hope this inspired you to think about giving away quilts or other things.


If you would like to be an ISLAND BATIK AMBASSADOR they are accepting new applications here until Dec 23rd and DO apply even if you are international, I know there’s a few already in our group!


Merry Christmas to you all!


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So many amazing and beautiful projects, Bea!

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So much fun to see all the projects!
Nice post.