Monday, December 5, 2016

Lots of goodies

Lots of goodies for me in the mail lately (apart from all the amazon stuff I got for the kids and use a free month of Prime!)

First I got this Bee pincushion from Tanja (dec)

I love bees Winking smile


Then I got this from Monica for Nov

a neat dressmaker!



with a fimo clay needle bowl- love that!


Then my black friday order from connecting threads also came and I finally washed it all!

All this for $66!! (including a small charm pack not shown)


This bundle in red, pink and orange – and a bit of yellow!


and my favorite colors- blue and green and also grey in this!


and I also picked a brown bundle, since it’s not a color I normally pick but JUST to add to the stash- well wasn’t all of it JUST to add to the stash??


And as you may know, every year I do a lego advent calendar for the kids.

This year Sonja’s is separate from Bjorn and Solveig’s

Hers was an advent calendar from the lego page and it has a booklet with 24 little things to make- but the catch is that each day you have to take apart the previous day’s item, so I couldn’t really wrap it all up, I made it to day 13 or 14 I think and then I couldn’t do anymore, but I think she’ll still have fun!


The older two are splitting a minecraft set (they don’t know which one it is)

I hid the box and taped the front page together with the back so they can’t look and see what it looks like (They’ll take the tape off once it’s all done)


This was dec 2nd for sonja- it’s a reindeer!


and dec 2nd for the older kids


The 3rd was a present for Sonja


and adding more to the minecraft one


I put this picture up on instagram and facebook of Anja!

You can follow me on instagram if you’d like- I’m still learning the whole # and @ thing….. Winking smile and I put more random personal things up there


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Vicki in MN said...

Looks like we may ordered some of the same that day!! Oranges, blue-greens.I also got purples and the faux burlap that I have been wanting to see. I have no special plans for any of it-do you?