Thursday, December 1, 2016

Just a few pictures from home

I told you that on Thanksgiving we had a family from church come for dinner, they have 3 kids 4 and under so it was loud Winking smile

Richard (the husband) is a cook, so they brought lots of good food and we made some too of course, so it was quite the feast!


He cut the turkey…..



On black Friday we went to Home depot to find a new fake tree and got a cute with a bit of frosted leaves/branches and pine cones and white lights!! (or old tree has colored lights)



It looks great! and we already got presents under it too!

- I signed up for amazon prime for 30 days free, so it’s awesome to get quick delivery…..


I got my batik and special ornaments on there too


So the house is already decorated and we stuck the old tree outside on the porch with a timer on to light up from 5-10pm each day.

and then playing Christmas music, it gets you in the mood!

oh, and I got the kids lego calendar ready to go too, the older two are splitting a minecraft lego set and Sonja got a advent calendar lego set, which I’m actually disappointed in, but I think she’ll have fun with it!

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