Tuesday, December 6, 2016

EQ7 Tutorial Tuesday–exporting jpegs


Do you ever touch the default export settings?

It’s not something I do a lot, but it CAN make a big difference when you want to see what a quilt will REALLY look like!

So here’s a quilt I designed in EQ


If I were to export it I have a small size and checked off to outline blocks and patches. then 75 dots per inch and 50 jpeg quality


and it looks like this

baby blocks

I now made the size bigger and 300 dpi and 100 for jpeg


it looks sharper

baby blocks2

now I’m not doing any outline or patches


And it looks much better!

baby blocks3

here’s another quilt


I did no lines and did jpeg at 50

(now it kept the outside white and I would crop that later.



Here’s one of my quilts I already turned into a pattern


here I did a low dpi, and 4” size and with lines, it looks like the EQ sketch

baby pink1

here’s without the lines and bigger size, hard to tell but it really DOES make a difference when you email it and have high detail on there.

and removing the lines is great to see what it will look like sewn together.

baby pink2

Hope you liked this tutorial.


Vicki in MN said...

Exporting is not something I have worked with a lot, thanks for the tute!

Gene Black said...

I prefer to remove the patch outlines. It does indeed give a better idea of what the quilt will look like.

Nancy said...

I export quite often without the patch lines, but have never compared the higher dpi. It really does make a difference. Thanks.

Carla said...

Thanks for the tutorial