Tuesday, December 20, 2016

EQ7 Tutorial Tuesday- Accuquilt QUBE and FQs


Everybody LOVES Fat Quarter bundles!- I know I do and have quite a few too many now that I need to use up!

As you know I love Accuquilt and their new QUBE sets and I have the 8” QUBE set, which I use a lot!

So I’ve been playing around with blocks and then seeing how I could make it work with FQ bundles and here’s what I came up with.

Here’s a simple but fun layout with drunkard’s path blocks and another simple block


I then took a look at the fabric yardage ; 1 1/2yd, 3/4yd and 1/2yd


I then colored in just the red on two blocks (well 3 because there’s 2 reds)


and the fabric yardage is 1/4yd which is good, but I wanted to double check using the QUBE set.


Then I actually got out my QUBE sets as I have marked on each die how big to cut a fabric square to fit on the die and cut out.

small square is (shape2) =5 1/2” square makes 4 (need 4)

large HST (shape 3) = 5 1/4” square to make 2 (need 4)

the drunkard’s path, the outer (shape 11)= 5” square (need 2)

the inner (shape 12)= 3 3/4” square (need 2)

Then in EQ under blocks I made a block that’s 18” x 20” (the size of a FQ


and I turned on the graph paper and grid at 36 x 40


Then I started sketching out first starting with the biggest sizes

(a 5 1/2” square, two more as I rounded up the 5 1/4”, then two 5” squares)


and lastly two 4” squares for the inner drunkard’s path shape


So they fit easily!

Then I went back to the quilt and randomly colored in these shapes with a different yellow or green


Now the yardage show 10 colors plus white (two of the colors are in the border, as you can see most of them show 12 patches and only the border prints show 16, (4 extras for the sides and top and bottom) and then 3/4yd for the white/beige background.


finished quilt including border will be 39” x 47” and would use 10 FQs plus border fabrics.and 3/4yd white Smile

Now it’s easy to change the color scheme, let’s say you want black and white! Just click a color in the palette with the spraycan and hold down CTRL and click a color


and quickly you have a black and white quilt!


maybe with a red inner border?


So with a bit of planning ahead you can quickly see if a QUBE set works with your idea for Fat Quarters!


Kathy S. said...

Love this design! Thanks for sharing it with us. Have a great holiday season, Bea!

Pamela said...

I love your design! The tip for using EQ to see if the shapes fit onto the fa quarter is priceless - I am definitely going to be using this idea, thanks.