Monday, November 14, 2016

Winter Wonderland with Batiks

The theme for this month with the Island Batik ambassadors is “winter Wonderland”
I looked in my box and being inspired by another ambassador, I decided to use these left over winter strips too. Then I got the idea for coiled baskets using cotton cording.
I started cutting the strips in half (It looked like they were the middle part of a bolt after cutting fat quarters out of it and since Island Batik is usually wider than 40”, it’s more like 42” then there’s 2” left over and I didn’t measure the strip length but 18” is a good guess Winking smile
So working with 1” x 18” strips I wrapped one around the end of the cording and then coil wrapped the cord down and started with my walking foot and blue thread and a zig zag stitch, I zig zagged around and coiled the cording in a circular fashion, the beginning is the hardest, then after that it’s easy!!
at some point I started tilting up the coiling so create the lip/edge of the basket and kept it tilted until the end.
here’s the finished basket
I decided to end with the dark blue almost solid batik and stop when it just met again around the circle.
here’s the bottom
Anja- the fashionista had to try it as a hat Smile with tongue out
Once you make one of these baskets, like chips, one is never enough, I had to make another one!!
Here I decided to alternate light and dark strips and see what happened and I used a light thread too.
It’s funny how at some point it was half the side of the bowl was dark and the other half was light.
At the end I finished with dark all the way around.
Here’s two of them together
But then a 3rd one just had to be made too! and this time I didn’t do a circle, I did an oval bottom instead at the beginning
And gradually it went from light to medium blue
Here’s the 3 bowls together!
I still had strips left over and then I got another idea.
a quilted ornament!! (I’ve done these before in batiks)
I got my supplies ready
and VOILA! in about an hour I finished this blue ornament
I kind of did it by memory, well I checked how many fabric pieces I needed, but that’s it. I do need to find another way to be better at marking the perfect opposite sides to start with, but it’s still cute
here’s the collection I have so far, only one is not in batiks
looks pretty good in the large coiled basket!
I showed these here
Make your own quilted ornaments.
If you want to get the pattern, go here


Calicojoan said...

I love making those bowls. So fun and so functional. Great Ornies too. Perfect way to show off those fabulous batiks!

Vicki in MN said...

Wow you got a lot of mileage from those strips! Great projects.

Quilting Tangent said...

Pretty (and baby safe) basket/hat, and beautiful ornaments.

Melody said...

Absolutely brilliant projects

Adele Mogavero said...

Bea, I love those bowls, I don't like making them but I do love the way they look. The ornaments are Fabulous!

Barb said... really went to town...and cute little model you have there. Great ideas!!

Pam Geisel - For Quilts Sake said...

The ornaments are amazing!