Wednesday, November 9, 2016

RSC16 cupcake blocks

I didn’t get around to doing October’s Yellow Cupcake block,
so I did it now and also added two more, since the RSC16 is over and you pick your own colors for the rest of it (kind of odd to just do 10 colors, but oh well) Sonja and I picked black and beige
Here they are all stitched down too (raw edge appliqued with a sloppy triple line in matching thread color)
and here’s all 12 of them
Then I started thinking and playing in EQ7
the cupcake blocks are 6 1/2” so a churn dash block would be 18”
cupcake4 churn
Or I could have something like this where the neighboring triangles are the matching color as the cupcakes?
Or a 12” on point design with the outer triangles match as well
cupcake layout2
Or an attic window layout
cupcakes windows3
with or without sashing?
cupcake windows5
Which one do you like better?
A, B, C, D or E?
How about you comment below and the letter that gets the most votes, I’ll make and out of those that picked the right letter, I’ll draw a winner for this roll of Batiks from Island Batik, on Friday! (US only) –you can still vote outside the US if you want


Vivian Lewis said...

I like B. It is different and it shows movement and is eye-catching!

Summer said...

Such cute and yummy blocks ♥

Stephanie said...

C is the one that caught my eye

cjmont said...

i like version d without sashing. love attic windows.

Judy1522 said...

I like E. I have always loved the attic window layout and I love the look of it with the added black sashing.

tac73 said...

I like E. i think it shows off the blocks well.

Monica said...

I like C.

Kelly Grace said...

I like B and D, just couldn't decide!

Sandy Schmidt said...

12" on point

Sandy Schmidt said...

I mean C

Pam said...

C on point.

Tami C said...

I like E best and the cupcakes are adorable!