Tuesday, November 22, 2016

EQ7 Tutorial Tuesday Cross stitch quilt mistake


I’m not really sure if you’d call this cross stitch quilting, but you’ll get the idea, and this was inspired by the EQ FB group, where someone had designed a pixelated quilt design and then realized it was not centered and asked how to fix it, as you can’t insert rows or columns like in excel…

Here’s what I suggested.

So let’s start with a simple grid layout, I made a layout 10 x 10 blocks and each block is only 2”


You have whatever design in the middle and then realize it’s not centered and the mistake is to the top or left (if it was to the right or bottom you’d just add rows or blocks)


(if it was to the right or bottom you’d just add rows or blocks)


If it’s to the left or top, I suggested a trick.

Add a border and do blocks, a # that matches the center of the quilt and ONLY add to the top and/or left

You have to make sure to un-click the boxes ALL and L+R and T+B and then you just drag the slides to 0 except the left one and put it at 2 and blocks and then 10 vertical at the bottom



and then do the same with the top only

Now the top would have 1 more blocks, so 11 in this quilt


and voila! the design is centered now


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Vicki in MN said...

We're always learning something, thanks Bea!