Friday, November 25, 2016

Black Friday

Why do they call it Black Friday anyway?

I’m NOT going to any store to go shopping- don’t like crowds but I don’t mind online shopping and Wednesday, Connecting threads started a sale and almost $70 worth of fabrics just jumped into my shopping basket!! (actually almost double did, but then I had to remove about half of it)

We usually decorate for Christmas on Black Friday and I’m sure we’ll be busy doing that today too (so I scheduled this post ahead of time, which I do with most of my posts!

A gentleman from church (Barry will smile that I called him that!)- both husband and wife are quilters and they are like the grandparents for many of the babies at church Winking smile

anyways, Barry brought this tree skirt to church for me to long arm.

I’ve never done a hexagon like this with the backing trimmed to a hexagon too, so that was a bit tricky! But I did it and I’m sure they’ll like it- I hope.


On the large red triangles I quilted feathers and then loopy lines on any of the background fabric


It’s hard to tell (and that’s why I did it) but I experimented with a large freehand poinsettia on the green triangles.


On the border I did a holly vine all the way around


Hope they like it!


Annette Schultz said...

We'll I sure like what you did and I am sure they will too. I bet it was a challenge to load it on your machine, or did you free motion at your regular machine?.
Happy decorating.
In stitches

Calicojoan said...

Love the hexi quilt. You did a fabulous job quilting it too. I got up in the middle of the night and made my way to Home Depot. Can't pass up those .99 cent poinsettias.
LOL! Needed a new shop vac too! Made record time, in and out in 16 minutes even with the black Friday crowds! Now I'm going back to bed! :-)

Michele said...

I might start decorating today too. But I also want to finish sewing together my new Christmas quilt top.

Sandy Schmidt said...

It is called Black Friday due to businesses being in the black (meaning a profit) vice the term being in the red (being in the negative..more expenses then income). Businesses expect that day to be so great that it will bring them in the black (out of the red). I hope this makes sense.