Thursday, October 13, 2016

Quilting, blocks, hops and Swiffer

I finished quilting this “ugly” winding ways quilt, I don’t have binding ready for it and I really DON’T like this quilt at all, SO….

I’m packing it up and giving it to my guild to finish up and give away Smile


I did finish a yellow monkey wrench block. It’s very pale, but I think that’ll be okay.


I also finished two yellow log cabin blocks for RSC16


Then I started on the Island Batik monthly challenge for the month “pumpkins” so wait and see.


And Sonja loves playing with Swiffer, he squeezed himself into this empty box and then she had fun pulling the box around, he doesn’t look thrilled but he actually purred afterwards.


He’s been a BAD kitty though!

My husband came up this weekend and told me, Swiffer had clawed TWO sets of speakers that my husband has made (he’s a woodworker and has loved making several different speakers over the years) but the components have to be right and they are $$$$, he’s even taken speakers apart and scrapped them and saved the components for a new set… Anyways $2000 worth!!

oh and to top it off, I almost burned down the house!

Saturday afternoon at lunch time I was making Mac N Cheese for bjorn (soft food) and we lost power due to Matthew (I actually thought it was hubby that did it because he was installing a new light fixture and had cut power to that) we didn’t get power back all day, Sunday we even woke up in the dark sort of and went to church, then on the way home I texted neighbors and they said we got power at 10.30 Sunday, so kids walked right in and right back out that the house was smokey!! I had forgotten to turn off the BURNER! it had boiled for probably 2hrs (after of course the water had probably evaporated overnight) and aluminum from the layers of the bottom of the pan had actually melted onto the stove glass top! it smelled horrible, but no flames! hubby ran in, opened all doors and windows and I kept the kids outside and we went for a walk! it took all afternoon to clean up and air out and I am thankful it didn’t cause a fire!! just a wasted pot and the melted aluminum is in a cool ball now! (not really cool) didn’t know that was in it actually! as the bottom had copper in it…SIGH!! Hubby was afraid to send me to the store for groceries before dinner, that something bad could happen.

I think we’ve had enough bad things happen for a while…..

Okay, so catch up on the two blog hops this week!


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Vicki in MN said...

I am really glad too that it didn't burn the house down. You definitely have had your share of bad things lately. Only good things to come now.

Pamela said...

You have had enough bad things for a while! Was your stove top ok? I cracked a glass top by boiling a tea kettle dry once - was not happy with myself after that.

Judy1522 said...

Glad your house did not burn down. I melted half an aluminum teapot on my stove one time so I know how you feel.

colleen said...

Wow so sorry about the pot and so happy everyone is safe. Also thank you so much for sharing it's such an easy thing to do perhaps you have saved someone else a burn home or a ruined pot.

We had an all electric house years ago and would often have power outages the first thing I always did was shower as there was no telling when we would have hot water again.
We did have a wood burning stove so we could eat and stay warm.
Anyway I am glad you are safe and I hope the cat has a few lives left after the speakers and he seems to get on well with most of the family

margaret said...

Here is wishing you a quieter week without mishaps.So lucky you came home when you did the thought of a fire is frightening.
Have you a scratching block for Swiffer, it should help save yur furniture etc.