Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Flowing, DPs, Ohio star and lots o scraps

My friend Laura borrowed my QUBE set a while ago and cut out pieces for a baby quilt for a friend, she used my flowing in the breeze pattern and it’s SEW fun to see it be so different!
Swiffer approves!
I finished the rainbow Ohio star top, I don’t think I’ll add a border, it’s big enough, it’s 48x60
and I have finished quilting the DP quilt top and made the binding, but I brought it with me to Pine Tree quilt guild meeting last week and someone else will finish it off and donate it Smile
Speaking of DONATE! Last Week Solveig came home with a note that this week is STEM week and with their projects they need fabric scraps any size, I texted the teacher and asked how much and that I have a LOT, she said she’d take it all! so we PACKED it into a large garbage bag and now my red bins are EMPTY!! (I kind of want to get the plastic snap bins now for scraps, we’ll see)
Now I used the empty boxes to reorganize my yardage and it looks good, but I’d rather have hubby make wooden cubbies sort of and put the red bins back on the scrap shelves.
When I get Solveig from school we have to sit in the car for around 30 min and wait for Bjorn, so I started bringing some a crochet project. This will be a sz12m for Anja.
And I’ve started my blog post projects for Accuquilt.
This is November’s project
and December Smile
and I also started working on a secret project for Island Batik for Spring Market…..


margaret said...

like Swiffer I too aprove of the baby quilt. the other 2 look good too. I am sure the school will make good use of your scraps and at the spee you work you will soon have another bin full

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Beautiful quilting Bea! Looks like you are busy, busy! Having a crochet project is perfect for sitting in the car at school!