Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Off set rows


I’m part of an EQ user FB group and Darlene asked what kind of tutorials people are looking for and also just by looking at the wall there’s questions, and sometimes it’s on of those DUH- why didn’t I think of THAT! questions and answers. (Not meaning anything bad by it, I get like that still with EQ with some things)

Anyways, there was a question about, when you have a quilt layout and then you want to off set every other row, is there a button for it.

The answer is NO, BUT it’s easy to do still!

This quilt below is a simple horizontal layout



So you make off –set rows you have to start over actually and start with a horizontal strip quilt


The first row you want to- in my case the blocks were 12” so you want these blocks to be 12 as well and the length to be 36 (12x3)


Then strip 2, you select HALF drop blocks on the strip style and also make sure it’s 12”


I then go and delete the rest of the strips for now, then go back and select strip 1 and click a checkmark in the clone box and click ADD (row 3)


then select row 2 and clone that one as well


Now go and design the quilt Smile


Easy peasy!

try it out and let me know if you did


Nancy said...

My Duh! moment. Thanks. Off to design one now.

Kristi said...

This is so much easier than a custom layout! Thanks for the tutorial!

Carla said...

Thanks for the tutorial