Monday, September 5, 2016

Any day spent quilting is a good day

A local customer had dropped off fabric squares with her quilts recently (after I gave her a pincushion just like this) for me to embroider on so she could make 12 matching pincushions too.

The file is from embroidery library here

-remember I showed this pincushion!?

(that was the one I gave her)

machine embroidered pincushion:

here’s the pile all done


and here are pictures of all of them Smile


Anja wants to know if this makes her butt look big?! LOL


Saturday I got a SURPRISE in the mail from massdrop.

Because of my referrals and then those people buying something I got a free gift box!

Here it was a real ink pen and notebook.

Clover wonderclips and flower pins!



I showed this on instagram too that I hit 188888 miles on my sequoia


And we’ve had a coloring session again where I took out one of the adult coloring books I have- this one was given to me on my birthday.

and for once I colored with markers Smile


What did you do this long weekend?


My Sister Made Me Do It.... said...

I love Embroidery Library! Its my favorite place to get ME patterns..... And I love your pin cushions! I am enjoying a three day weeknd at home and have had some good days.....quilting! I invite you to link-up this post or perhaps a new post and show us more of your pin cushions at this year's annual "Perfectly Pleasing Pin Cushion Parade" at my Blog........

Carla said...

Those pincushion tops are really cute.
My 3 day weekend was spent hanging with the husband
and celebrating our 38th anniversary.