Thursday, August 25, 2016


This month’s pincushion swap is well under way.

Here’s my purse pincushion I sent to Janne

she likes black white and purple (and other colors)


I added a little roller skate (just because I had it!)


I also got a pincushion from S. Africa from Cucki!

a cute little heart



She also sent a cute postcard of zebras with it.


Have a look here for more pincushions!

1 comment:

VickiT said...

Cute roller skate addition to the purse pincushion. Remember a long time ago you had sent one of the purse pincushions to me? I have it sitting on my sewing table, but can only look at it. I can't put pins in it and no, I am NOT complaining at all. The reason I can't use it as a pincushion you will totally understand ~ every single time my granddaughter comes over to visit she snatches that off the sewing table and plays with it. She's so funny because she tries to take it home all the time, but I tell her it's grandma's. LOL