Monday, August 29, 2016

First day of school for Solveig

It’s funny that Bjorn has already been in school for 2 weeks, but now the public schools start!


We all woke up at 5.45!

Because Bjorn now has to be at his bus stop at 6.40!

And Solveig’s school doesn’t open the doors until 7.30am and it’s 2 min away from the bus stop area. I don’t know what my husband and her will be doing for those 45min or so, they will figure it out. He’d rather do that than go back and forth twice or have me go one way and him go another way.

A friend asked me a week ago if I could embroider her kids’ backpacks and one lunchbag. I had never done big bags like that before so it was a good test!

I sure, was nervous about wrecking the bags though!

But knew this machine was designed for big stuff and you can’t do this on a small table top embroidery machine..

Here the bobbin area is free, sticking straight out from the machine so something bulky goes underneath and just rests on the counter.


Here’s 4 bags made up!


I also sent my friend pictures during the whole process to get her kids excited!


The biggest struggle was getting the hoop on! –and TIGHT!


They all loved them Smile

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