Friday, August 19, 2016

catching up on a few things

A close friend from church had a baby in July and then moved to OK two weeks later, I only got to see the baby once! boohoo.

Anyways, once mommy and baby got settled I asked if she wanted nursing pads (she could BF her first, so wasn’t sure about #2)

She texted me the other day that she’d love some Smile

So in between VBS and meetings and now my son being back in school, I made her 5 sets and mailed them to her yesterday.


Of course I had to try fun and bright colors!

I cut out all the circles and batting with the 5” circle die by accuquilt, then sewed a slit on the fabrics and laid on top of two layers of batting and trimmed the batting then zig zagged around the edges twice on each one and VOILA! easy peasy.


I also got a quick shipment from Connecting threads for TWO quilts for Accuquilt (where they actually are getting patterns and quilts and paying me for it!- using the QUBE set) so wait and see on those!!


Then sort of as a leader and ender I finished the center of a triangle in a square quilt, just needs a border- already have the fabric picked out and ironed!


ALSO since I’m now done with one type of blocks for RSC16 challenge, I have been working on 5” Ohio star blocks using the Serendipity GO set. these blocks are just cute and tiny- love them!


Today I am actually doing NOTHING, well SEWING of course!

but no errands or appointments etc. well a VBS picnic tonight but I got a feeling it might be cancelled as it’s supposed to rain and thunder starting this afternoon.

Tomorrow I don’t think we’re doing anything, then Sunday Bjorn is turning 14 and we’ve just been busy, so it’s sort of a lady minute party, but then a neighbor told us that their church is showing “God’s not dead #2” Sunday night and we saw #1 that was great, so it will be a combined party and movie night as my husband will take a bunch of boys to watch that and I think we’ll have pizza before. – see nothing is really planned yet…

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Connie Kresin Campbell said...

What a neat idea to make the nursing pads from scrap batting Bea! Wow are you busy, busy with new projects and quilt! Congrats!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Congrats! on your newly completed quilt top. I'll be interested to see what fabric you've chosen for the borders. Happy Birthday, Bjorn!!