Monday, August 22, 2016

Bjorn is 14!

Bjorn turned 14 yesterday!


We had a busy day! We had to be at church early for Dan to help with the sound board, then we also brought home two boys (and another came later) so 4 boys total.

they had a nerf gun battle, were in the pool and shot off a rocket (twice)


The 2nd time the rocket got shot off it got stuck in a tree (It was kind of windy yesterday) and the rocket was old, so it was game over, no point in saving it- well maybe later.


I made Bjorn a lagkage (layer cake in Danish)

he picked a lemon cake mix, then I layered it with strawberry jelly and vanilla pudding I also made from a pack, and just like for Sonja’s birthday cake, I made a cream cheese frosting.



So after the rocket launching the kids ran to the backyard and also stepped on a dead chicken carcass! one of the little red ones had gotten eaten, feathers were tossed and the insides were eaten, the outer parts and feet were left…. don’t know what ate it Sad smile

so we have 6 left, 5 small ones and 1 big one (Cheddar)

here they were seeking shelter on our porch chair and looked in the window.


Then my husband took the oldest kids to a local church as they were showing God’s not dead2 (we’ve all seen #1) they all thought it was good!

meanwhile we had a half hour rain storm and then a rainbow! – a double one!


So now hopefully we’ll have some quite time around here!

Last weekend was Sonja’s birthday, then this week we had VBS so we were out every night from Tue-Friday

and Saturday we were busy too!

Here’s one of the crafts the kids did.

The theme was Mount Everest, so my husband had cut out a mountain with two smaller mountains too and nailed them together, then the kids painted them and our pastor’s wife took pictures of the kids climbing a mountain with hiking gear on and then we cut them out after they were developed and glued them on.


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