Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A hoot of a pincushion!

I got another pincushion in the mail from Judith
(a month late but WORTH the wait)
This adorable Owl pincushion!
I’ve been wanting to get this embroidery file so I could make one myself and now I don’t need to! (well maybe I will later, we’ll see)
So many neat details on this owl!
The wings open up, then inside you stick pins and Judith made these decorative pins, love the owls!!
Then she also added a seam ripper and measuring tape
AND two spools of thread on the bottom so it can stand up.
Love the detail of the embroidery too!

I took this picture of Anja under my table, I wrapped the bar in batting several years ago when Sonja was a baby and now they protect Anja too from hitting the bar when she crawls around.
A fun family hug picture, but missing my 11yr old daughter, she was away camping with a friend all weekend.
Before I dropped her off at her friend’s house we went to walmart and they had a whole pallet filled with emoji pillows! LOL
only at walmart!!

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