Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Nightgown for Sonja

Last week I got around to finishing this nightgown for Sonja by peekaboo patterns.


Here she tried it on and is posing with it


She liked it, but it’s hard for her to put on herself as it has to go over the head and it’s cotton that doesn’t stretch like knit does.


Anja also turned 8months old this weekend or rather Friday


She’s army crawling all over the place and the other day went to the laundry room and I sat her in front of the dryer and she thought it was so exciting she just stared at it and was almost shaking!


We’re still in shock that all but 1 of the chickens are gone and that a fox could get in that small hole/window on the coop.

Hubby has added wire there now but the one remaining chick –Cheddar did NOT want to go into the coop at night anymore, so I put it in a blue bin with food and water like we did when they were tiny chicks (with a mesh lid outside on the porch)


Hubby bought 6 more tiny chicks!


Rhode island red and 3 black ones (don’t know what breed)

Sonja named two Peppy and Kimchi

Solveig named two Smoke and Nutmeg


Here they got introduced to Cheddar



margaret said...

such a pretty nightdress. Hood to see more chicks have arrived trust the fox keeps away from these and lets them grow and lay eggs for you all

Michele said...

The nightgown is adorable and I can't help but chuckle about the baby watching the dryer run.