Friday, July 15, 2016

Long arm quilting on hexagon quilt

I recently finished quilting this cool hexagon quilt for a customer.
Yeah I couldn’t fit it in one shot on the picture.
I did a leaf vine on the border and meandering on the hexagons
She did a scrappy backing and even added some hexagons onto it at random places.
I’m trying to show a youtube video I made when I quilted it, it won’t show here but try clicking on the link to look it up.

Here’s a little update on the home front!
I was going in the garden and found a zucchini hidden in the leaves.
Probably the biggest one we’ve grown.
Here’s an old video of Peanut eating a huge zucchini!

And SOMEONE figured out how to sit up by herself when she crawls around.
And a little update on the chickens.
When we put them to bed in the coop, they often jump up into the window, usually it’s the two big ones, but here it was popcorn (the rooster) and the 3 small ones (we lost one small one)

WE LOST 4 chickens last night!!
the 2 big ones and two small ones, only cheddar is left :(
(should have sealed up those holes with mesh!!!)

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margaret said...

quilt looks super but how sad presume it was a fox that got your chickens, they say the fencing needs to go down deep as they can dig under it, we have chickens at the back of us that seen to roam all over the place but not seen the fox for ages that used to visit so hopefully they will be okay make sure before you replace them they are well secured, the children must be so upset