Tuesday, July 5, 2016

EQ7 Tutorial Tuesday–patriotic quilts


Today’s post is not so much of a tutorial, but more about inspiration.

-Patriotic quilts!

Here’s some quilts I’ve designed (and some made) in EQ7

Red/white and blue quilts or just red and white or blue and white Smile




Lemoyne accuquilt13

accuquilt mix and match red and whiteaccuquilt mix and match red and white2accuquilt mix and match red and white3accuquilt mix and match red and white5accuquilt starsaccuquiltapplecoreblue CT funcalico cat red whiteflagflowering snowball4gloria boy blue stars 40x46hunter star2hunter star8isosceles with 3hst Go die bw1isosceles with 3hst Go die bw2knitted shirt5 62x82innov 2013 challengeowl embroidery quilt3red white accuquilt mix and matchred white1red white2red white3red white4red white5red white6red white7red white8red white9red white10red white11snow days drunkards pathsocial studiesstorm and snow bluestrip star triangle blue 54 x 61tanturq blues CT 44 x 53

BeaLeeEQMarch2013ABeaLeeEQMarch2013Bcircle quilt redjosephs sphere3kaleidoscope blue blockskaleidoscope christmas runner rwbnine patch in nine3ohio star atlantisstorm and snowblue2X and plus

accuquilt boy QIT thomas the train1baby blocksbaby blocks3baby blocks4baby blocks5baby blocks13baby blocks25baby boy blue1baby boy blue4baby boy blue10birds CT homefront5flowerstulipblues2flying geese crazy daisy2flying gooseflying goose2fourpatch crazy daisyrailtriangle3red white blue CT3red white blue quilt it todayserendipit7whole6

blue pineapple2flying geese3ckaleidoscope button blue1red white blue2

merge blue nine patchesmerge nine patch baby blocksred white blue4woven stars2

english ivy4montmartrevines CT symphony blueswinding ways CT symphony blues

That’s about all I could find!! –it’s a lot Smile

hopefully it will inspire you to make or at least design some patriotic quilts!!

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CathyQuilts said...

Lots of nice designs here, Bea. I too spend a good amount of time on EQ. Imagine if you could make them all?