Friday, July 8, 2016

blocks, a bib and a bye


While working on different projects I finally finished the teal log cabin RSC16 blocks



I also decided to cut into the plaid FQ bundle I just got from Generation Q to make at test bib for Anja

I had traced a bib already onto paper and cut it out by folding it in half to make sure it was the same on both sides then I folded a FQ and laid a piece of batting inside and traced around it, pinned it and cut it out


then did two rounds of plain zig zags around it in a matching pink


Then I used my NEWEST tool- a cam snap (got it from amazon)

and this tool is SO awesome! super easy and fast!

so much easier than adding velcro or a button.


and VOILA! it’s done ( I flipped it up so you could see the snap closed together on the bib, but of course it would be flipped down on the baby)

I had one bib with the zig zag around and I don’t mind it, so I might wait and see how it washes before making another one, otherwise I’ll just make those by turning them inside out)


I also finished another Women of the bible block

This is Hannah


And a little update on the chicks

The chicks are already big and if we don’t open the coop early enough in the morning they jump out this window (for venting- which needs to be sealed up before it starts getting cold)

then we also have 4 (now 3) baby chicks we bought.


The big chicks are just funny, here one morning they were by our porch on top of a chair looking in the window!


And the bye bye is my husband saying goodbye to his Mustang, his midlife crisis car he’s had for a few years, he felt like it was a shame and a waste to just have it sit there and maybe ride it once or twice on the weekends, so it sold it to this guy who’s a game board developer CEO actually.



Now hubby says I can upgrade my voyager (the upgrade is kind of pricey and I’m 90% happy with my machine, so it’s not a MUST have and it has to wait now as the owner who does it has at least a 3 month wait or more- so maybe an early Christmas present! – I’m not in a rush)


tubakk said...

So lovely log cabin blocks. I love those colours.

margaret said...

bib has worked well, blocks look good and nice to read chicks are doing so well

Kathy S. said...

Nice of hubby to give up his "baby". LOVE the chicken looking in the window pic. A little wire mesh will keep that vent safe and secure. (We have a ton of predators here in Ohio that would get in there somehow.) Fun log cabin blocks. Love the fabrics in them. Cute bib.

SewMisadventurous said...

Love the teal blocks and the Bible Block but I'm blown away by how big the chicks got. Is that Popcorn and Midnight? Blimey they grow quick!

Michele said...

You will really love the upgrade and I'm happy that you will finally be able to get it.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Glad to see that things are moving along . . . our needs change and your hubby is smart to let his possessions change, too. GREAT chicken pics.

Kate said...

Love the shot of the chickens looking in the window! Very cool teak blocks and the bib is really cute. Hope you get in more stitching time this weekend.