Thursday, June 30, 2016

Long arm quilting a BIG batik quilt

I finished this BIG batik quilt

A big one indeed, don’t think it was the biggest I’ve quilted but close to it.

This is a woman from church’s quilt (I quilted her husband’s quilt recently)

this is a round robin


When she gave it to me she told me how she had run out of the dark blue border print so she used this light blue instead.

When I started quilting it I noticed someone’s marks on it and stitching holes, she later told me someone else started quilting it but the light blue threw her off so she couldn’t finish it.

I just treated it like the dark blue and did the BIGGEST feathers I’ve ever done! this border was 15” wide!!


Then I did bubbled, ribbons swirls, more feathers (going the opposite direction)


then a leaf vine, meandering, bubbles and curves on the log cabin blocks


then another leaf vine and meandering around the middle


I did run into a problem at the end….which I noticed partly in the beginning – that the width was 1” off from the top and the bottom, but at the end I found the problem was that the outer borders were too tight vs the middle part so it got skewed it a way, not totally bad it’s all said and done, but a bit tricky to work with.


Glad it’s done Smile


Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Beautiful quilting Bea and what a neat quilt! That has to be a challenge sometime when the piecing is off a little.

Melody said...

What a magnificent quilt and such beautiful are a star.

Marlene said...

Lovely quilting Bea.ineresting that the other quilter was put off by the light blue and could not finish the quilting. Like you I would have treated it the same as the dark blue. I am sure your client is very happy with her finished quilt.

QuiltShopGal said...

Super cute quilt Bea and I love those fluffy feathers. Total #CreativeGoodness. I also agree that I'm sure your client will be thrilled. Who wouldn't be?


margaret said...

what a beauty and enhanced with your lovely quilting, like the added applique too

Michele said...

It did turn out great and I'm sure your customer was thrilled.

kupton52 said...

Your quilting is a new longarmer may I ask you a few questions? Was quilting batiks difficult? Was the backing a batik as well? What size needle did you use and what kind of thread? I'm only quilting for myself and finishing tops that my mom made before she passed last year...I have a batik top I'm working on but have been a little antsy to quilt it. I love your blog. Blessings from WV.