Friday, June 10, 2016

Kids are out of school!

The kids are out of school and I sat thru 2 ceremonies at the middle school.

with a baby and a toddler it was kind of rough, but we did it!

Solveig got A honor roll for the year (amongst other kind of of bogus certificates) oh and top female science student.


Bjorn got a principal’s award (whatever that means) and A/B honor roll- plus others as well.


I’m very proud of both of them and can’t believe I’m now a parent of a high school kid!


(He got accepted into the early college engineering program too btw!)

Now let the summer begin!!

I finished the two quilts for Island Batik and they are packaged to go out in the mail tomorrow. YAY!

Then I have 3 customer quilts to long arm and will get another one next week.

AND I want to do more RSC16 blocks and Accuquilt and batik projects too.

BUT I do have all 4 kids to take care of like this little one who fell asleep in my arms the other night.


Have you done any end of year stuff?

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margaret said...

you must be one proud Mum of your 2 eldest doing so well at school congratulations to both of them, and so good Bjorn got into the senior school applied for, have fun in the holidays I suppose not so much stitching time for you now