Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Just a few misc pics

School is almost over.

Today and tomorrow they have ceremonies, today 5th-7th grade at the middle school and tomorrow is 8th grade, of course I have to go to both Smile

I think it’s because summer is near and her friend cut her hair, but Solveig asked me to cut her hair shoulder length!

Here’s the before and after pics!


She loves it (so do we, she looks so much older!)


another sign of summer is setting up the pool on the back porch!

Here is Anja’s first time in the pool, she didn’t cry at all.


and hubby has been busy working on a chicken coop for the chicks.

This coop is HUGE!

the front door is for them to enter and exit.


side doors are for poop trays to be cleaned out.


and the rear door is for access to the nests to get eggs!


this is the inside.


Hubby took this picture at church Sunday of us Smile


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Melody A. said...

Love the pictures of your life but especially the beautiful one of you and your husband holding hands, so so special. Kiss him often!