Tuesday, June 28, 2016

I quilted my own quilt too


I have a few different things to show you.

First, I finally got my quilt back from GenQ magazine and because it was so late they sent this bundle of FQs- THANKS!


Then I was thinking that I need to make some bibs for Anja because the velcro on many don’t work much anymore, so I took one and traced it.


I might use some of those plaid fabrics!


Meanwhile Dan has been working on the chicken coop (I might have shown this before?)


While he went to the feed store to get more stuff for the chicks, we wanted to place an order for 4 more chicks (heard that there’s a waiting list)

well, there wasn’t!

so he came home with these 4.



Cheddar and cheese (we can’t tell the yellow ones apart)


Hubby decided to change the floor of the coop and add vinyl for easy cleaning


Here Bjorn is helping smooth it out


The chicks seem to like it



and I’ve been on a roll quilting, so I figured I’d do one of my completed tops, here I did the OBW quilt and added a chevron binding


I just did a quick swirl all over on it


I machine did the binding because it’s fast, not perfect on the back but ok and I’ll give the quilt away anyways Smile


a quick little label

“lots of fancy ladies”


1 comment:

margaret said...

Returning the quilts late paid off with the lovely free fabrics, ans you already have ideas of how to use some of it on the bibs. Hubby looking at home in the hen house and more adorable chicks, loving the manes you have given them.
See fussy cutting on the quilt it looks so good and will makes someone very happy. Think I will try a swirl on the next quilt I quilt have 6 27" square ones lined up all waiting for quilting