Tuesday, June 7, 2016

EQ7 Tutorial Tuesday


It’s time again for a EQ7 Tutorial Tuesday.

This week I’ll show how to simplify a complicated block.

As you know I’m doing my 3rd Women of the bible quilt.

Some of the blocks are easy piecing and some are quite tricky!

lately I did a block for Jael (Arab Tent)


First I didn’t want to do curves, it’s tricky enough with those diamond shapes!

I started with a 6” block and made a 2x2 grid

and also added 24 x 24 grid and turn on snap to grid


I then drew lines from the corners to the 1 1/2” mark on the middle lines.

(ignore the dots on the lines as I’m working backwards on this)


I then drew lines from the center up to the 2” points of the outsides


then starting at the 2” mark on the middle lines I drew out to the 1” lines

(just because it looked pretty good)


Then clicking on the color tab and back again you’ll have the points on the lines and you can then delete the outer lines.



don’t forget the inner sections too!

then color it


and now it will print the foundation pattern, though I’d section off the outer triangles so I don’t have any Y seams


Another block I’ve modified is the Bethlehem star which is meant to be english paper pieced.


here it’s easily pieced from triangles and squares Smile

Even though the center are diamond shapes, they are all white so why not turn it into a simple star block with squares and triangles?!


So you can look at complicated blocks and think they are too hard, but sometimes simplifying the lines or deleting lines, it’s easy to make the block EASY!

Have fun!

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