Thursday, June 2, 2016

Cleaning for a BOM meeting

This morning I was cleaning/clearing my sewing table as ladies from my guild are coming to pick BOMs for next year.

Look at what I found under my sewing machine!! LOL


Table is all cleared and set with chairs and ready for the meeting!

(though I do have some glue spots and marker spots on the other side of the table from YOU know WHO!? who’s been gluing and coloring while I sewed)


I snapped these pics yesterday of Anja! Who needs toys when a scrap of fabric is just as fun??


I did finish #1 quilt for Island Batik yesterday, so I can start on #2 and get them sent off soon.


margaret said...

what fun to have quilters visit can you send some to me please would love to join in. Lovely photos of Anja

SewMisadventurous said...

Look at that, you got a can-can dancing baby! 😉 She's looking really bonny, and growing so fast. Your quilt looks great on the wall.