Wednesday, June 1, 2016

At least I do some hand sewing

As you know I’m busy busy with secret projects, but I did work on some hand sewing. this is is for a fabric ball and I was using island batik scraps for it and worked on it on the way to and from church on Sunday


Then we came home to the chicks and found this!

They like to perch!


even on top of the water feeder!

so it’s time to get a “lid” for them, hubby had a piece of mesh metal like a grill sort of that fit perfectly.


Then a fellow Island Batik ambassador made Kaiser rolls and showed on FB and I found a recipe and tried to make some too, well they are not nearly as good as hers and didn’t rise enough, they were edible but not great! oh well….


If you follow me on instagram, you might have seen this pic of Anja already having her first taste of watermelon! she liked it and kept pushing my hand in so the watermelon would get closer.



Barb said...

Too cute of the little one eating watermelon...I take it it was delicious?

Gotta get sew time in when ya can.

Carol S. said...

Oh those chicks are so dang cute! Love the sweet watermelon eater!

margaret said...

those chicks are getting adventurous a cover is certainly needed. Good to see you stitching by hand in the car too