Thursday, May 19, 2016

RSC16 blocks

In between projects I’ve been working on RSC16 blocks.

I ironed down a school house in orange and appliqued it.

I also ironed down a green one but noticed I didn’t have any bright green threads, so that will have to wait.


I only had some light green thread and that worked just fine with this cupcake block!


Then I finished 4 DP blocks and I must say, I’m not totally loving them, don’t think it’s just because of the curves, I think I should have made them differently or had more rules about the colors. I don’t know…


Here’s 12 blocks I have so far


So while I had these 12 on the wall I shuffled them up and thought I could just add sashing and border on these and be done and then donate the quilt!


So that’s what I’m doing Smile

wait and see…..


Carla said...

Your little cupcake block is cute. Sew the house is applique. I always thought those were blocks. Okay now I see. Cool.
I the blue DP blocks the best.
You've been busy as usually

Quiltdivajulie said...

I tied some DP blocks a while ago - liked the larger ones but not the smallish ones. Good for you for finding a way to use/donate the ones you've made.