Tuesday, May 31, 2016

End of May already!?

Can’t believe it’s the end of May already!

The kids have a bit over a week left of school and are still doing EOG testing.

My son is going to be a high school student next year!! YIKES.

Our local high school is actually a great school even though we’re in the country.

BUT, our county has started a new program starting in the fall.

Rising 9th graders can apply from the whole county, it’s a Science or Engineering program, where you get your Assoc. Degree and high school diploma in 5 years total. It’s perfect for my son, as he has a very logic brain and is great in math (took math2 online this year –that’s 10th grade math)

BUT it’s at a different small school! and no fluff fun classes like band which he loves or sports. We’ve applied and he should get interviewed soon and I don’t think there’s much interest, since it’s a new program, so it’s likely he’ll get accepted.

I’m torn though, I think it’s great, but he also wants the whole high school experience and band etc. it’s tough…..we’re praying about it.


Joan at moosestashquilting did an end of month paper piecing collage post here

Playful Paper Piecing

I made this little cat pincushion which I sent to Margaret in the UK for our pincushion swap


Here’s what I’ve finished in May

A Blazing star quilt (I already donated)


Fleur de lis potholders

(well finished them a while ago but posted about them in May!


with the cat pincushion I also made a large pillow version


that’s pretty much it!

I knew it felt like a slow month.

Taking care of sick kids who took turns being sick, then a toddler and a 6m old, plus working on 2 secret projects, at least I got something done Smile

Oh and our new chicks too!


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margaret said...

it is a big move to senior school do hope he gets a place as though no band etc it sounds like he will feel at home there, hopefully there is a local band he can join too. I am loving my pin cushion it has been admired on my blog and have taken them to show at our Bible reflection class.
Trust the girls are better now. The fleur de lis pot holders look complicated to do and have worked beautifully and the blazing star is really shining like a star should