Monday, May 23, 2016

DP top done and another project started

I finished the top with the DP blocks, I chose a white sashing with a border that’s a cream/beige with green and blue flowers on it (one that I thought I would have liked when I bought it, but didn’t too much when I got it) I thought it would fit well with these brown, green and blue blocks and I used the white to separate the blocks then used corner stones of the border fabric too.

I have enough leftover for at least most of the backing too!


Here Anja was HELPING me pull the fabric off the table while I was cutting it for the border- such a GREAT help…


I then started two more dresses for Sonja and Anja using connecting threads fabrics and a peek a boo pattern.


And we’re getting more friendly with the chicks!

Does anyone know if it’s normal that the one chick is loosing feathers on her wings? and how/when can we find out the gender?



margaret said...

quilt looks good so admire those circles Anja looks as though butter would not melt in her mouth hope that is a saying in US so you understand what I mean so sweet and innocent, sorry cannot help with the chicks either losing feathers or sexing I know when I was a child and we had ducks the male ones had a sort of bump on the head over the nose maybe I am wrong about that as it was a long long time ago

Anonymous said...

Anja is growing fast! That border looks good! Know nothing about chickens.