Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Colorful quilts

The other day, Gillian from England sent me this picture of her quilt she made using my pattern rainbow nine patch from conncting threads.

I love how it turned out!

rainbow gillian in uk

I have also been working on a colorful quilt, I found this floral print from the same line that I used for this jelly roll quilt and I had just enough of it to make a 2 1/2” border


Then I DIDN’T have enough for binding, but instead used scraps of an orange and two greens for a scrappy binding for this quilt, should be fun!


And a little update on our chicks

There’s still just two, Star shade (black) and Popcorn (Yellow)

We got them set up in a brooder last night, hubby had bought the pine bedding, the feed and a brooder lap shape and light bulb.

I will say SYLVANIA light bulbs are BAD!

Bjorn and I plugged in the light bulb, then moved the light just a tiny bit and it blew the light bulb. So I said I’d return it to lowes because a light bulb should be better than that! hubby said –jokingly- to get two just in case, so I did. and guess what!? as soon as we plugged one it, it popped!

Hubby then found a regular bulb to see if it was the light fixture, no, that bulb worked just fine, so he tried the 3rd light bulb- pop again!!

What junk! so he plugged in the regular bulb again (even though it’s not a brooding bulb) he hung the lamp over the bin and we watched the temp and it seemed fine! it’s supposed to be 95.

We read online that if the chicks huddle up under the lamp, they are too cold, but if they run away from it and sit in a corner, it’s too hot, and if they are running around all over the place it’s perfect!

That’s what they are doing!!


now we’ll just wait and see what gender they are!


aren’t they just cute??

the kids already want more!!


Yanicka said...

Love those colorful quilts!!! and the chicks are so darn cute.....what will you do with them? Keep them as pets ?

Sheila said...

Beautiful, colorful quilts! I love them. Chicks are such fun to watch. They are always on the move.

margaret said...

how good to get a photo of one of your quilt designs it looks so good and I really like the quilt you are working on, will try and suss out how those blocks are made. Shame only 2 eggs hatched but these 2 chicks seem full of beans under the light bulb, the children will love watching them develop. Hope to took the blown ones back to the shop as the whole batch is probably faulty

CathyQuilts said...

Lovely quilts, my favorite colors!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Both quilts are gorgeous