Thursday, May 12, 2016

a few more RSC16 green blocks

I missed one triangle in a square block and found the pieces behind my sewing machine- actually Sonja did.


While working on my magazine project I finished two log cabin blocks (these always take so long)


AND I made a 10” PP version of the cat block for Solveig for a pillow.

I just did a mistake of making the mouth green too- oh well.

She picked out the colors for it, because she’s reading a “Warrior” series of books- about cats- there’s a LOT of books! and she’s my big reader.


I’m off to pine tree meeting this morning, hopefully!

Bjorn has been dealing with a stomach bug for over a week now, but was in school two days this week but then pretty much collapses when he gets home, so we’ll see if I get a call today or not.


tubakk said...

Naaaah, what a sweet cat PP block. A green mouth is perfect.

margaret said...

cat is perfect and so good to read Solveig is a reader so many children do not read much, hope by now Bjorn is back to feeling on top of the world. Green bock looks good a new one to me and the log cabin blocks are so even struggle with log cabin so think I am going to treat myself yo the creative grids log cabin ruler that you useeafter each strip is added