Wednesday, April 27, 2016

tea party dresses for the girls

I finished up two more dresses for the little ones!

This one is another pattern by Peek a Boo patternshop called the tea party dress


One version of the dress is straight and another has an elastic waist with a sash, for Anja I did it straight for Sonja I did the elastic.



I added a lace all the way around the yoke but sewed the ends wrong in the neck- oh well, not a big deal.



Both have buttons on the back, I did two green ones for Sonja’s and just a single white one for Anja’s


I had thought about these light blue ones too, but then look below!

The back has a slit on the back and somehow I folded the wrong side on top of the other, so when I sewed the buttons and button holes on both, I did them both the same but Sonja’s should have been opposite!

Not going to fix it now, but lesson learned.


Another adorable pattern by peek a boo!


Nancy at said...

Those dresses are just beyond cute!!! Love the fabric you chose and you have a couple of cute models as well. :-)

Needled Mom said...

Those are so cute.

Judy1522 said...

The dresses turned out so cute!

barbara woods said...

They are both so cute, dresses to

margaret said...

such lovely little dresses both in style and fabric the girls both looks so cute in them and so photogenic

SewMisadventurous said...

I wonder if Anja will grow up to be a super model like Sonja☺? They both look beautiful Bea, the style really suits Sonja & if you hadn't've mentioned it, we'd never have known you made a mistake. Do you know how to make those elasticated pants that hide the nappy on a baby? I think Anja would look beyond cute in a pair of matching frilly knickers with lace ruffles on the back & I can see that dress in Pink on Sonja looking really pretty (she looks so grown up since the baby came) not that I mean to load more work on you or anything, your last projects update made me tired reading it, I wish I had just a teeny bit of your energy. Lol. Hope you are all well over there, speak soon. Xx

Anonymous said...

No one would have known you made a mistake if you didn't tell us. The dresses are adorable and the models look so cute in them.

Carla said...

The dresses are adorable. At first I didn't know what you were talking about when you mentioned the buttons. I had to re-read you statement and stare at the picture and then I got it. LOL
Most people won't even notice.

have an awesome week