Monday, April 18, 2016

Peasant dresses for the girls

Just because my friend Laura made a perfect Peasant dress for her daughter (from Peek a boo pattern) I HAD to make some too!

Here’s a short and long sleeved version with the same skirt fabric for Sonja and Anja


And my little models Smile


the long sleeves are really long so she likes to chew on them


I had the girls wear these for our quilt guild meeting Thursday, then as a treat on the way home we stopped by DD and Sonja got a pink donut, this is how she ate it! sigh… LOL


Here’s what the girls used my warm and natural box for (for a few days)


Oh and last weekend, hubby installed a TV in my room (we’ve been moving things around in the house and one thing led to another!)


We’re eatching “broadchurch” on netflix.

I think I need to catch up on Downton abbey and whenever call the midwife comes out with the last season.

Do you watch any good shows on netflix? maybe some girly girly ones?


cucki said...

Aww so cute x

Sheila said...

The little girls in their new dresses are soooo cute. You did a wonderful job, Mommy.
Mother and I watch Netflix, too. We enjoyed the series, Skinwalkers. It was added to Netflix recently. Three episodes filmed in 2002. All three filmed on an Indian reservation in western US. Modern day American Indians and times. Adam Beach stars. He is a young Navajo policeman, Jim Chee. Not only is he a policeman, but he is a healer. He and his boss, Joe Leaphorn, solve crimes on the Indian reservation. Lots of Indian customs. Beautiful scenery. I think the series first aired on Public Television.
Midsomer Murders is another favorite of ours on Netflix. Filmed in England. Uses lots of older actors. Currently, new as well as old episodes air on Public Television as well.

Carol S. said...

Such sweet dresses and adorable girls wearing them!

margaret said...

the dresses are lovely and the girls obviously love them too. Love Call the midwife but not a fan of Downton.

Nancy said...

The dresses are great. I like Sonja's with the short sleeves. I remember making a peasant blouse for myself YEARS ago! I still have the pattern, too.
I like Call the Midwife and most of the PBS shows. Just got Netflix and am learning how to use it when I have time.

Carla said...

The girls and the dresses are adorable.
As of yet I've not watched anything on netflix. My daughter has it and does quite often but not me.