Monday, April 4, 2016

Late night sewing lesson

Thursday night Jesselyn and I finally got to have a little sewing lesson.

Her favorite color is blue/ turquoise so she/we found some scraps and designed a four patch with sashing and border.

I showed her how to sew them together with a 1/4” foot and then also how to quilt on top of batting, thinking we’d turn the quilt inside out since it was small.


But instead she decided to turn it into a pillow!


Then she made another one!


and another one! plus a four patch to frame!!


Now she can go back to Singapore and practice on her family’s sewing machine Smile

I got my massdrop order Friday too! DROOL

This one is called

Katie Jump Rope by Denyse Schmidt

I got 18 FQs for 39.99 with free shipping!


If you haven’t heard of massdrop, have a look here and sign up for their emails- though they are quite DANGEROUS!!

This is my 2nd order so far and I’m so tempted to do more.

But actually went against my husband when I got this.

Well first I emailed him that this was just gorgeous and I wanted it, but his reply was that we needed to save $ for fixing Bjorn’s trombone (another kid had accidentally knocked it over while it was on his seat and dented up the slide so he couldn’t play it- $85 BTW!!) so I said ok, but then noticed I had money in paypal and committed to the bundle anyways and told hubby at night, and FORGOT (sort of) that the paypal money was for something he sold on eBay…he just likes to give me a hard time! Smile with tongue out

I usually don’t go overboard. But then again I did just get another roll of batting too! that one is quite expensive, even on sale and with a coupon for Easter!! but that’s about once a year I buy that and  I got paid for long arm quilting and soon a magazine quilt. so….

(still spending more than I take in though- who am I kidding!!??)


anyways the batting has been opened and a piece cut for a magazine quilt too, the FQ bundle has been washed, but then I MIGHT just need some more white for it???? here we go again LOL


Barb said...

The smile is priceless

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Katie Jump Rope is still met all time favorite line. Sleeping under it every night!!!! Enjoy!

margaret said...

Jesselyn is a natural quilter wow what great makes for a newbie. You naughty girl spending DHs money!! I too have to buy a roll of wadding that will be pricy beans on toast for the next few months!

Carla said...

Looks like a successful lesson!
Smiles tell the story