Tuesday, April 12, 2016

EQ7 Tutorial Tuesday- Coloring pages


Have you tried the new fad of Adult Coloring books??

I have and actually have some neat coloring books from when I was in art school and then recently got a book on amazon and one or two of the designs I recognized!

I also (per request) started adding a blank coloring page with my quilt patterns and I’ll show you how!

-This is if you want to have the option to re-color in EQ or print it-

- if you want to JUST print, it’s even easier!!-


Open up a quilt in EQ (anything that’s repetitive and sort of complex looking is best)

Here I have a baby block layout


it’s made with this four patch variation block


Now take your spray can and in the palette choose COLORS and pick solid white


Then in the quilt, hold down CTRL and click away!


until it’s all white!


Then you can print your quilt and that’s it!!


of course you can just as easily sit and color it in, in EQ with solid colors,


but it you want to print some for yourself or kids/ grandkids, it’s easy!

Here’s some more



Okay, you want to know something else SUPER easy, if you JUST want to print it….

when printing select outline drawing and it will just be the outline!!


try it out and have fun!!

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Vicki in MN said...

You keep coming up with some neat things to use EQ for, thanks Bea!