Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Bargello quilt is done

I finished the Twist on Bargello quilt!

You can find the book here on amazon

“Bargello quilts with a twist” is one of my favorite quilt books!

and the quilt on the cover is this one, which is my favorite pattern in the book, I’ve made SO many versions of this quilt over the years and it’s still SEW much fun to do as the result is so different each time depending on the fabric choices!


I used the left over fabrics for the backing


Then I long arm quilted double feathers and swirls on it (just to try something new- a new version of my feathers and swirls)


and I embroidered a label for it too.


Here are some of the different quilts I’ve made using the same pattern in the book

twist on bargello- "old fashioned" fabrics:

twist on bargello. earth wind and fire (the fire is in the flames that are quilted on the quilt) "twist on bargello" is my all time favorite quilt book, and this pattern is my favorite IN the book.:

(this one below was my first one from the book)


and different layouts from the book

twist on bargello. red white and blue quilt, gave to local hospice to give to a veteran.:





"twist on bargello" pattern, asian quilt.:

bargello summer quilt. pattern from book called "twist on bargello"


I Think this is all of them, so now at least I have them all in one place Smile


Shasta Matova said...

That is a very versatile pattern - so many different settings and colors.

cucki said...

Beautiful x

Vicki in MN said...

Oh they are so pretty Bea. I really like the first purple one you show in your line up of ones you made.

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Wow Bea, that is beautiful! Looks like you really, really like that book!

margaret said...

a lovely quilt and you certainly enjoy doing bargello what a variety of quilts you have shared today

Michele said...

It does look great and I like the feathers you quilted on it.