Sunday, March 20, 2016

Worldwide quilting day #2 accuquilt


So I feel guilty that I just highlighted Island Batik yesterday,

because I also feel I HAVE to show my Accuquilt quilts from over the years!

Often I combined both for monthly challenges, but this year I guess blog on accuquilt’s blog instead so I dropped the challenges.

I had 98 “accuquilt” posts when I looked it up. PHEW!

My first die apart from the mix n match set I got with the Go cutter was the blazing star die in March 2011 I made this quilt

not very high contrast, but still cute

Then in 2014 I started the challenges and the first one was using the hunter star die

2014-01-07 001

and with scraps I used the small half hexagon die and made a mini mug rug

2014-01-07 005

and here’s an apple core die quilt

2014-02-14 001

I’ve used the wedge die for this quilt

2014-03-01 001

and bow tie die

2014-03-19 002

some EPP hexagons

2014-03-12 009

with the cupcake die I made a pillow for my friend who turned 30 but I hosted a 3.0 birthday party instead…

2014-05-28 001

then a fun kite die quilt

2014-07-24 003

and a pillow using the feather die

2014-08-06 019

then a log cabin quilt (love this die)

2014-08-17 014

another blazing star quilt

2014-09-08 001

a small felt pincushion using the fall die

2014-10-13 028

a scrappy kaleidoscope quilt using the isosceles die

2014-11-10 001

and another one

2014-11-10 007

then using the 2 1/2” square die- this quilt was in Mccall’s


another hunter star quilt


then a hexagon quilt for Mccall’s


a scrappy QST quilt


flowering snowball quilt with Island Batik

2014-05-17 002

a snail trail/ Downton abbey bag


another scrappy bowtie quilt


another snail trail quilt

2015-05-13 002

a sunbonnet sue pillow

then a sunbonnet sue quilt and I think that’s the Ohio star die too

2015-06-18 001

a mini owl pincushion

2015-07-01 011

a scrappy tumbler quilt


half hexagon quilt with island batik


potholders using the pumpkin fall die


an Angel and flying geese table topper

Bea table topper resized

a Christmas table runner using the circle die, bows and ohio star die


a LeMoyne pillow


a churn dash quilt


a boy QUBE quilt


a QUBE gift bag

another blazing star quilt


a qube and drunkard’s path quilt


and lastly a funky flower pillow


I know I’ve missed some but that’s okay, there’s enough here Smile

Happy quilting day or weekend!

Thanks to Accuquilt for making these projects possible!!

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