Tuesday, March 8, 2016


The weekend before last, my oldest daughter was complaining that she was out of PJ pants (or rather me telling her to put some ON and just run around in a T-shirt-now that she’s almost a teenager!- that triggered the response)

So I told her Saturday that we’d have a sewing day.

She’s really NOT into sewing, but I had her pick out fabrics for Pajama pants with an accent ruffle fabric and I already had a pattern I hadn’t tried yet, so I put her to work ironing the two fabrics and showed her how to trace on swedish tracing paper, meanwhile I told her that if she sewed the pants I’d make a matching top!


She used my old janome and zigzagged the edges and did the pant seams on both legs, then after that she stopped! oh well Winking smile


So all last week I was working HARD finishing up her PJs and they are now done and I think they turned out cute!


The pattern is by indigo junction and it’s from 4-12 and both for boys and girls.


Here’s the top by itself- notice I added a label/tag to the neck


I added a pocket and buttons and button holes (took me a while to remember how to do it and then do it on my new machine)


fabrics are from connecting threads


Here she is wearing it


I know you want some Anja pics too. I got her in the Johnny jump up for the first time (Jenny jump up for girls)

she just liked to chew on the edge





Marjorie said...

Love those PJs. And Anja is just adorable.

Sheila said...

Your girls are beautiful. Growing up way tooooo fast.

tubakk said...

Å, så flott. Og nydelige jenter også.

Carla said...

Those PJ's are adorable. I want some LOL.
Anja is adorable. I love the picture of sleeping beauty.