Friday, March 18, 2016

Lots o little things

Have you ever heard of massdrop?
Hubby showed it to me a while ago and then I saw an ad on facebook again and clicked on it- DANGER!!
So they sell fabric bundles and other things (they have a quilting category)
so I picked a cheap FQ bundle and picked blue and it was already at the cheapest price (the more people that commit to buying, the cheaper it is!)
-the link above is thru my account because I get some sort of referral credit that equals a free box eventually!
I got my bundle the other day and washed it, I was impressed!
since I picked a misc color, the fabrics were from different companies- moda, andover and more.
I’ll definetly use them again!
now to CUT into them! hmmm….
I’ve also finished the floppy hat for Sonja using the leftover Rayon fabrics from Island Batik
She finally tried it on but had a an attitude about it…
(okay, so she has a cold too, it’s going around!)
She actually had a few bad days last week.
One time she just told me it was “lying down time” and she plopped down on the floor and 2 min later she was snoring!
Anja has a bit of a stuffy nose too, but is not “sick sick”
Last week (before the sickness hit fullblown) we went with a friend to a park- it was SO nice outside and I figured that with just a bit of sniffles, the best medicine would be sunlight!
This park also had an old homestead with animals to look at.
So since we were completely homebound, Sonja and I have been sorting perler beads, I found these small bowls our friend Gwen had given us from Kenya, they were perfect for sorting and I got some tiny zip loc bags in the mail to put them in too.
I’ve been working on some projects with Island Batik batiks too, a mini quilt
and some applique for accuquilt’s blog


Podunk Pretties said...

Well I went to Massdrop because I've never heard of it. Sadly I don't understand this site. I'm going back maybe with a little help from the "help" button it will make more sense.

Barb said...

What cuties you have there....oh why did you have to tell me about that site????

Sandy Schmidt said...

Can you call or text me please Bea....419 234 0406.....I want to send off my pincushion and the least expensive I'm getting is $13.50.....I am not sure how you are sending that it only costs you $6..thank you!

Anonymous said...

Oh, no! Sniffles! But what a cute picture of your daughter sacked out on the floor. =) One to keep for the scrapbook.

Carla said...

You know they're sick when they tell you it's time to lie down.
mmm Massdrop I think I'll avoid. LOL